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PAPSILENT Accessories

These two products for easy and optimal laying of the PAPSILENT flooring underlays.

PAPSILENT alu tape
For a perfect laying and complete protection against residual subflooring moisture.

For perfect protection against residual subflooring moisture (for products without integrated foil).

Individual production

Should a customer request it, we offer our PAPSILENT insulation underlays with individual dimensions in different colours, qualities, surfaces and designs.

  • Due to our short changeover procedures, we are able to offer you a high level of system flexibility, which makes the production of very different products possible within a short space of time. In this way, we can also cater for your individual requirements.

  • For example, in addition to insulation underlays made from one material, we produce high-quality combination products made from different materials. This results in very high-quality insulation underlays which bundle the advantages of the different properties into a single product.

  • Our PAPSILENT insulation underlays can be produced with individual dimensions in different colours, qualities, surfaces and designs.

  • We provide a comprehensive selection of coatings and surfaces. Therefore, metallized foils in silver, gold or other colours featuring all types of aesthetic design foils, texile yarn fabrics and felts are available for you.

  • Other possibilities are non-slip foils and coatings, self-adhesive coatings, glass wool or meshes, structured surfaces and diverse prints (e.g. your company logo).

  • Depending on the quality, the insulation underlays can be installed under parquet and laminate, vinyl and design flooring. We also product specially-developed underlays for ceramic and stone floors.

Requirements for underlay materials

The associations EPLF and MMFA define many requirements for underlays of laminate, vinyl and design flooring. The essentials are summarized here.

Sound reduction

Impact sound reduction (IS)
The noise of footsteps transmitted to the room below is known as impact sound. In combination with the subflooring, underlays with a high IS value (impact sound reduction) can significantly reduce impact sound.

Minimum requirement / Elevated requirements
IS ≥ 14 dB / ≥ 18 dB ≥ 10 dB / ≥ 18 dB
(Note: A noise level reduction of 10 dB corresponds to a 50 % reduction of the loudness perceived by the human ear)

Reflected walking sound reduction (RWS)
Walking noise heard in the same room is known as reflected walking sound. Suitable underlays can noticeably reduce reflected walking sound. The test standard for determining so-called RWS values is still in development, so no generally accepted test method is available yet. Once the new test standard is issued, specific recommendations for minimum requirements can be given. Nevertheless, today it can be said that the higher the RWS value (reflected walking sound reduction), the better.

Usage requirements

Protection against loading (CS)
Everyday use places stress on floor systems. Underlays must be able to withstand certain levels of stress throughout the entire service life: CS: Temporary stress caused by heavy loads.

Minimum requirement / Elevated requirements
CS ≥ 10 kPa / ≥ 60 kPa ≥ 200 kPa / ≥ 400 kPa

Conformability (PC)
Hollow spots due to unevenness must be avoided to protect the floor from stress and to provide better acoustics. The underlay should be able to level out small localized irregularities such as screed granules on the substrate. The higher the PC value (localized conformability), the better the levelling capacity.

Minimum requirement
PC ≥ 0,5 mm ≥ 0,5 mm

Permeability to water and heat

Protection against moisture (SD)
On mineral surfaces, moisture protection is mandatory to prevent damage to the flooring. Protection against rising damp can be provided with an additional vapour control layer or with an appropriately equipped underlay. The higher the SD value (water vapour diffusion resistance), the lower the vapour permeability.

Minimum requirement
SD ≥ 75 m ≥ 75 m
Source: EPLF European Producers of Laminate Flooring

Heated floors / Cooled floors (Rλ,B)
Laminate flooring is generally suitable for use on heated and cooled floors. To ensure efficient performance of the underfloor heating system, the underlay should provide the least possible thermal insulation, so that the combined thermal resistance of the underlay and the laminate flooring (Rλ,B) remains as low as possible.

Maximum allowed R value of the total floor system
Heated floors R≤ 0,15 m² K/ W ≤ 0,15 m² K/ W
Cooled floors R≤ 0,10 m² K/ W ≤ 0,10 m² K/ W

Product information for download

PAPSILENT Technical Data

Tested quality

These certificates were issued by TÜV Rheinland, a member of Germany’s independent Technical Supervision Association, to certify that HAPPICH GmbH is run in its entirety in conformity with internationally recognised quality and environmental standards and that proof was furnished that these standards are being implemented in HAPPICH’s business routines.

The following awards were granted to all PAPSILENT insulation underlays:

We recommend our acoustic underlay products with low-emission, marked with the Blue Angel.

The „Blue Angel“ eco-label from german federal government certifies protection for the consumers and the environment.

According to the VOC, this regulation concerning the construction products emissions are classified and identified. All PAPSILENT underlay insulation received the highest rating A + and received the approval of the German Institute for Construction Engineering (DIBt).